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Calendar of Live Performances and Other Special Events

Aug 28 - UU Cincinatti OH
Aug 29 - Crown Point IN Library
Aug 30 - Lilli Kuzma's Folk Festival Radio, Glen Ellyn IL
Sept 1 - Lincoln Library, Springfield IL
Sept 10 - Kansas Book Fest, Topeka KS
Sept 15 - Open Book, Grass Valley CA
Sept 16 Devil Mountain Concerts, Walnut Creek CA
Sept 18 Private Show, Oakland CA

Sorry, will get details posted soon!

We will be driving cross country in September...Want us to play in your neighborhood?? We do too! You could host a house concert, just you and us and a dozen of your friends in the living room or back porch. Email us if you might be interested or if you know of a venue we should contact. Aidan.Christine@gmail.com

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