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Aidan Quinn and Christine Stay

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Stars - Calm Is Worse Than The Storm - Prelude To The Fall - The Price Of War - Smoke and Mirrors - Three Blocks From Sketchy - Dandelion - We Can - Your Father and My Father - Narrow Passage - All This Living

Normal - These Days -Let It Rain - The End Of The World - Somewhere In The Nowhere - Katie Raise Your Sails - I Got A Secret - Rosalie - You Always Bring Me Down - Raise Your Hand - I Read Your Book

Desdemona Weeps - Wide Open Spaces - Why, Why, Why - Birmingham - Sacred Cows - A Good Apartment - First Two Wheeler - Please Try Love - Eleanor

This Is Gonna Be My Year - Nobody Is Watching - Insects and Spiders - What Could Go Wrong - I Will Not Fight - Never Gonna Sing - Pigeon - Handed Down - Stand Tall, Reach Deep - Tell Me A Story