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We chose our packaging for this CD because it is a little easier on the planet. No plastic, much lighter for shipping, less manufacturing required. In keeping with that philosophy, we decided not to include a lyric sheet. Some folks don't want them, and that's okay with us.

Not interested in printing things out? You can just peruse them right here:

The CD was produced by Tom Prasada-Rao and Friction Farm, recorded by Tom Prasada-Rao and Mark Dann, mastered by Mark Dann. Musical credits listed with each song.

Desdemona Weeps
After a while, if things grow a little tired, lose their shine, they might still be worthwhile. Sometimes. (Pat Wictor on lap steel, Jagoda on percussion)

Desdemona weeps
The car slams to a halt
She beats her fists against the dash
As if somehow its her fault
That the damn thing’s overheating
Well, it just does that now and then
She lets it cool down for a moment
And she tries to start again

Its never left her stranded
On some dark stretch of road
She knows they’ve traveled way too far
But she’s tired of being told
That she’s still living in the past
Its no longer if but when
She shuts her eyes and says a prayer
And she tries to start again

Some things were built for speed - And some were built to last
Lasting love was never guaranteed - But did it have to burn so fast

She’s standing at the station
While they figure out the cost
The price of labor's getting high
And there’s all that time she’s lost
But every mile is a memory
All the places that they've been
She smiles as she remembers
And she tries to start again

Wide Open Spaces
Aidan reminisced about childhood vacations and we started to wonder why that feeling of endless possibility and wonder had disappeared and whether we might be able to find it again. (Jagoda on percussion, Tom Prasada-Rao on keys and mandolin)

We drove south a couple hours
Highway 1 in July showers
Northern California fading slowly
A country bar every country mile
We could be out here a while
These kind of places used to scare me
Til I saw knowing glances on unfamiliar faces
In these wide open spaces

Ocean air fills up my lungs
Cool green grass and white hot sun
Let the crashing waves hypnotize me
Sunny days bring sunny smiles
Running barefoot like a child
Laughing when the shifting tides surprise me
In a million years I never thought I‘d find my saving graces
In these wide open spaces

40 years and a million miles
I’ve grown so far from that simple child
Who built sand castles just to watch them fall
Maybe I haven’t grown at all

I stood here before I know you
They shot a rocket to the moon
Back then anything could happen
Endless summer turned endless years
Took me far away from here
Reaching for the stars gave way to reason
But I found the sense of wonder that I had lost for ages
In these wide open spaces

Why, Why, Why
An observation in NYC's west village led us to wonder why it is that people do in fact look like, or otherwise resemble their dogs. Do they start out that way? Do they change over time? And who changes? (Tom Prasada-Rao on violin and mandolin)

There’s a man coming toward me down Hudson Street
He’s got squared off shoulders and turned out feet
His head swaying side to side with a beat
Walking a big bulldog at the end of a leash

I slip in for coffee behind a regular joe
He orders half-caf, no fat, low foam latte to go
Drums his fingers while he’s waiting, checks his watch, then his phone
Rushes out with his miniature dachshund in tow

Chorus: Is it some strange version of vanity
Are they searching for true family
Are they drawn together subconsciously
Or does change occur more gradually
Why, why, why, why, why do people look like their dogs

Big guy watches tv drinks beer from a bottle
Brings home a new greyhound, sleek racing model
Will he get into shape, really rev up the throttle
Or does that tiny greyhound start to walk with a waddle

My charming neighbor looks good for her age
She’s thinking about buying a little sharpei
How this will turn out I couldn’t say
But a smoother dog might be the best way


We’ve made a few trips to the ASPCA
To find a new best friend who’ll help make our day
A full grown dog of unspecified breeding
Because they’re the most loving and they’re the most needing

Is it some strange version of vanity - Are we searching for true family
Are we drawn together subconsciously - Or will change occur more gradually
Why, why, why do people look like their dogs

We want to be inspired again. The last couple of lines of the first verse are from Lincoln's second inaugrual address. We should speak this way again, with eloquence, with feeling. And we should mean it. (Tom Prasada-Rao on mandolin, Jagoda on percussion)

By the time we got to Birmingham there was no one left to ask
The time for grieving had long since passed
The names of better angels are carved in stone and brass
Mystic chords of memory hold heroes from our past

CH: Happy anniversary we gather in the memory
Of those who gave us hope and faith the strength to be alive
Happy anniversary, happy anniversary
A day a week a month a year, keep that dream alive

Early Monday morning campaigners headed for the coast
The new deal riding shotgun with the holy ghost
Of the wind and rain and policy that blew through these towns
Raised the delta up, washed the bottom out


You know when you see it
Which prophet to believe
His truth is not just in what he says
But how he lives and breathes

Its only for the money, and maybe for the show
But they are never at the ready, that’s the way things goes
When we all are equal, what will they do then
When we have no need for power, just extraordinary men


Sacred Cows
Since man discovered fire we have had a perverse love affair with fossil fuels. Haven't we evolved? There are a lot of smart, creative. Couragous folks out there with brilliant ideas. Is the reason we haven't embraced them fear or greed? (Tom Prasada-Rao on electric sitar, Jagoda on percussion)

The sacred cows are grazing in my back yard
They look like ordinary cows in most regards
There are no fences here they are free to roam
There’s surely greener pastures behind other homes
But those sacred cows won’t go

Heard its getting warmer by a few degrees each year
It would behoove us to make changes now that’s clear
Its an argument we cannot lose
We’ve got cold hard data scientific proof
But those sacred cows won’t move

Can you see the future can you see the change
Can you see the light of a brand new day
Will you be the future will you be the change
Will you light the world in a brand new way

We could use sun, or wind, or plant triglycerides
The perpetual motion of the ocean tides
Still money stampedes for traditional means
They’ve got coal, gas, and oil got no stake in green
Yeah those sacred cows rule

A Good Apartment
We loved living in the village. We love each other. The combination, not so much. Our fifth floor walk-up apartment was 340 square feet. We lasted a year. (Tom Prasada-Rao on piano, Jagoda on percussion)

It’s a real nice place, an urban prize
The heat’s included it’s the perfect size
For one
what am I gonna do with him, what am I gonna do with him

Either he’s too big or its too small
But he’s like Tom Waits in that little dance hall
He’s got a great big coat and great big shoes
In the living room he blocks all the views
What am I gonna do with him, what am I gonna do with him

Its a crying shame
Because we're two of a kind
I know he's not to blame
But a good apartment is hard to find

It starts out cozy but winds up tense
Closet wars and counter defense
No room
What am I gonna do with him, why is he always here

I need some space and there’s none of that
I walk three blocks to the Laundromat
There’s a homeless guy just trying to stay warm
But I lose my cool and create a storm
What am I gonna do with him, where am I gonna wash my clothes

First-Two Wheeler
Moving to Brooklyn was the right thing to do. The apartment is much bigger. The character of our neighborhood is dramatically different from Greenwich Village. One day we say a dad and his daughter. When she mastered her first solo, no training wheels ride, you could see the pride on his face. But as she rode through the first intersection, his faced changed in an instant. (Co-written with Barry Henson , his first song credit!)

Don’t be frightened but I’m gonna let go
Don’t think about falling just let it roll
Keep pedaling steady keep your eyes straight ahead
You’ll be surprised how far you’ll go

Now the world’s wide open and before you know
You’re riding twice as far as a week ago
Once you taste freedom once you feel the wind
You can‘t wait to see how far you can go

On a dime I turned from pride to fear
And I tried not to surrender
But the only way to keep you near
Is to let you ride forever

I’m a little bit frightened please take it slow
I never really though about how far you’d go
You keep pedaling steady keep your eyes straight ahead
I’ll try to remember I’m the one who let go

In time I turned from fear to faith
Once I learned how to surrender
To the power of love, and hope, and grace
To keep you safe Forever

Now I'm filled with wonder at the way you've grown
Rode into the world and found your home
You learned how to be steady how to get ahead
But even when you rider away, you never let go
Even when you ride away you never let go

Please Try Love
Aidan crafted the music and rhythm of this in his head. Planned where each of the words would fit into the music. How the melody would work. But the only word he actually had was 'please'. He's strange. wonderful but strange. (Jagoda on percussion, Tom Prasada-Rao on mandolin)

Please, Please keep an open mind
Please, Please recognize that hearts exist in many different kinds

We are all the same
We know love and hate
We have the power to choose
Which side to take

Try, Try seeing other sides
Try, Try walking in the shoes of those who struggle to feel pride


Love, Love in spite of fear
Love, Love until the lines that come between us disappear


Not exactly a true story. Close though. (just CS and AQ, but we swap instruments!)

Eleanor McHenry lived on my block
We sat in the same class and we talked a lot
After school we raced home really fast
Picked out our favorite games, Eleanor always chose last
She was the best friend I ever had
And that’s saying a lot

We started junior high she fell behind
Teachers said she was smart but just didn’t apply
I wrote for the paper, went out for track
Elly made new friends and never looked back
She was the best friend I ever lost
And that’s saying a lot

We got to high school El learned to smoke
Wore too much eyeliner, cursed when she spoke
There were rumors about drinking and going too far with boys
I turned my head and block out the noise
She was the best friend I ever left
And that’s saying a lot

A week before I left home Eleanor crashed
There were things going on at home that made her act rash
She never told anyone never reached out for help
Bottled it up inside kept it all to her self
She was the best friend I ever lost
And that’s saying a lot

34 degrees, 32 minutes

Recorded by Ron Litschauer at Acoustic Music Productions. Guest Musicians: Ron Litschauer - mandolin; Bill Meredith - drums & percussion; Ginny Meredith - violin; Jerry Tillman - dobro

Great Big Pie
To the victor go the spoils
That's what we were always told
Well I have never fought to win but I found peace and strength within
That are worth much more to me than gold
Hey ho let it go
You've already got more than you'll ever know
Hey ho let it go
Its not what you reap its what you sow
Captains of modern industry
Building new things they say we need
Well it has come to my attention that these mothers of invention
Are lately more concerned with greed
Hey ho...
What are the odds that one shiny thing could be the answer to everyone's dreams
I'm not buying it, I'm still living
Go on be all that you can be
Aim high think fast work hard acieve prosperity
Buy a big tv lease paradise but its a great big pie and that's just one slice
Keep on trying till you find what you really need

Walking In Pinewoods (Robinson Woolenhands served and perished on the USS Monitor)
Not so far from here to Pinewoods
We walk along this gravel path
With spirits of nine generations
We are living in the aftermath
Born at sea and died at sea
Robinson Woollenhands
If you get past him you'll be free
Still you linger where the angels stand
You look low and I'll look high
Where the earth touches the sky
The past becomes the future
On the razor's edge of time
Carved in stone these names and numbers
Carry souls through space and time
History not found on pages
The stories that were their's are mine

Always The Moon
I'm still standing right behind you please just turn around
Its been a long day in your shadow struggling to make a sound
I moved into your house when I was just seventeen
So filled with hope and filled with life and possibility
That I would shine from your shadows all the time
I would shine from your shadows all the time
Your friends are polite but they don't listen when I speak
The stories that I try to tell the'll hear from you next week
With their coffee stained attention spans they hang on every word
So captivating when you speak that I am never heard
But I will shine...
I want to be the sun sometimes but I'm always the moon
Sunday morning Fourth and State streets I stood there alone
Hailed a yellow cab to take me anywhere but home
So I can shine..

Reluctant Soldier
He wore a picture of the president
And a word folks said didn't represent
The way patriotic American should feel
They said take off that shirt turn it inside out
We don't think what you're shouting about
Is something that the other kids should hear
And though he did what he was told
It left him feeling cold
A reluctant soldier volunteered that day
To fight for freedom in the USA
Well a lesser young man might just retreat
But he'd learned the value of his right to speak
That slient submission can erode our liberties
His lawyers put up a fine defense
But our laws are more about dollars than sense
And all he wanted was an apology
He wasn't looking for a fight
He just stood up for what was right
A reluctant soldier volunteered that day
To fight for freedom in the USA
Its a fair and balanced nation
A brand new war for every generation
Two steps forward one step back no hesitation
You don't have to fight with a sword
You don't have to fight with a gun
Its in the living not the dying that a better world is won
Thomas Paine said at the birth of our nation
“It is every patriot's obligation
To protect our country from it's government”
Each new leader has given us reason
To draw the line between trust and treason
Through all these years we still must be vigillent
So go on argue your politics
Or wear a t-shirt just for kicks
A reluctant soldier volunteered that day
To fight for freedom in the USA

When You Go
When you go
I don't want to feel like I've been left behind
So I'll find a dozen stupid reasons
Why I'm the first to hit the road
Doomsday prophets are never wrong
Waiting for the ending just takes too long
No need to be strong if I'm already gone
When you go
Heroes fall
I don't want to feel like I have been let down
So I'll crown a new incumbent idol
Before you go and fail us all
Let it rain
Into every life a drop or two must fall
So I'll call and end to all parades
Until no chance of getting wet reamins
Doomsday prophets...

Donner Pass
Here on earth, nearly paradise
We are too big to conquer and too small to sacrifice
Believe that everything will come to us in time
Believe that all we seek we someday sure will find
We count our blessings, disregard the curse
We will settle here for better or for worse
Beleive that everything will come to us in time
Believe that all we seek we someday sure will find
We are disappointed by your disrespect
Doubts, destruction, and dissonance
Do this, don't do that, decided
Before you destroy all the we've discovered
Here on earth, half way in between
Heaven and all those things that we've already seen

Red Fish, Blue Fish
One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish
Wait the waters bring us to the surface
It’s easy to focus on just two sides
But the undercurrent is part of the tide
So tell me where do I fit in
If I’m a soccer mom and a lesbian
I want a better life for the next generation
I’m so much more than my orientation
One fish…
Am I for the left or for the right
If I’m a pro-choice Christian half black half white
My culture of life may be absolute
But free will is part of spiritual truth
One fish…
Red fish, blue fish, green fish, rainbow trout
Angelfish and devil ray, barracuda, snook
Orange roughie, yellow snapper, goldfish on a hook
Man-o-war and jellyfish in geothermic motion
Many kinds of fish, but just one ocean

Graceful Bird
She flies high in the summer sky
Alone on winds where two would fly
The sun sets too early for July
Brave this night the moon will shine
She cirlces around and her heart is warmed by
the fires of the faithful burning on the hillside
She carries on with his songs and his stories
Delivers them with his power and glory
Rise graceful bird rise
She flies across the sea to Avalon
The land where all the flowers have gone
She gathers up nine seed to bring home
soon the will be blooming where they are sown
She carries on...
Time flies somehow she thrives
Now she soars over lush green miles
She still finds comfort in the familiar
But discovers new songs are within her
She carries on with his songs nd his stories
Delivers them with her power and her glory

The Ballad of the Lone Sock
See that fellow with the gold toe trim?
Well, I’ve got something over him
I’m going up and over the rim
This time its sink or swim
I’ve been planning this for a while
I want to live with substance live with style
I’m not thinking about my old Argyle
A lonely widow on the lone sock pile
This match was never made in heaven
This match was made at the laun-dro-mat
Out of tub and down the drainpipe
Yeah I’m the sporting type
I want to meet new socks from other walks of life
Maybe find myself a fishnet wife
This match..
Take pity on the socks you meet
Lying lifeless on the street
They wanted to dance and they could feel the beat
Didn’t know they couldn’t move without feet
This match…


Recorded by Chas Payson at Echo Beach Studios and by Ron Litschauer at Acoustic Music Productions.
Guest Musicians: Rod MacDonald - harmonica; Tracy Feldman - violin; Carlos Mota - percussion; Pat Boggs - drums; Pete Levine - organ


Two wrongs for every right
Well you’ve got to love the odds
To put your money on a man who says his faith will not rule
But still puts his trust in god
I still believe we will someday reconcile
I still believe every once in a while
Out in the heartland it starts to rain
A chain reaction across the flood plan
To bury the truth of how the west was tamed
By men in uniform and men in chains
I still believe we can go on for miles an miles
I still believe every once in a while
When the clouds gather and the sky will not clear
You can throw the doors open, there is no shelter here
We can only hope for you, only pray for you
Only offer our tears
Raise your voices in the street
Send a message to your king
You’ll risk blood and sweat, give your hearts and minds
For the right to speak and sing
I still believe that the truth will come back in style
I still believe every once in a while
I still believe we will look back on this and smile
I still believe every once in a while

Louisiana (Rise Up Like The Water)
This song was inspired by Aidan's dad and we hope it inspires others to do big things.

I was a simple man back in '68
Lived my life in the shadow of the golden gate
Thought I would climb up, climb up that ladder
Rise up like a strong bridge in the water
Thought I'd make my mark in Baton Rouge
It was a big step forward but I could not choose
to bring my child to a place where sons and daughters
Separate like oil in the water
Captain said we're doing the best we can
Let the water trickle down between our hands
This mighty river will not be damned
If we take a stand we can rise up like the water
They say things move slowly in these southern towns
One man's choice will never turn it around
But I know my voice matters
Let it rise up like a small wave in the water
Well the devil's at the door but it's not too late
To shelter my family from fear and hate
If it takes all of the strength that I can gather....
I will not lie down and drown here in the water
Captain says....
So I stay behind in this gold land
Let my son grow up to be a good man
He will not suffer for the sins of his father
No he will rise up, rise up like the water

Whole Heart Broken

The Colorado river is rising
Half the world lies on the other side
You tell me not to cross where it is deep and it is wide
But I’ve got my eyes on the horizon
I won’t ask don’t tell me
I want to keep my eyes wide open
I won’t ask don’t tell me
I want to get my whole heart broken
I want to get my whole heart broken
The dark streets and the alleys are all twisted and untravelled
I might get lost or lose my longing to be found
When the bright lights and the sirens turn my head around
I will find myself when I am unravelled
Turn it around
If the shoe were on the other foot you know
I’d do anything I could for you
But these are the days for me
Of youth and reckless fantasy
And I would have it any other way
You see trouble before anything goes wrong
You knew my love would leave me betray me with a kiss
Its easy to say you could’ve told be this
But I found my strength, found my voice, I found my song
The Colorado river is rising
Half the world lies on the other side

Better Than This
Suddenly the man burst into tears, he said I haven't felt this way in years
It's been a long time since I lost my friend but I think of her now and again
Better than this I can't expect, Better than this it might not get
If your memories hold some one you miss It doesn't get better than this
He said I hear her whisper but it comes and it goes it sounds like static on the radio
And I fear that it might fade away Just give me one more day
Better than this I can't expect Better than this it might not get
If you miss your lover's voice or her kiss It doesn't get better than this
Hold on Let it make you stronger
Hold on to your past, if it didn't exist you might not be any any better than this
Hold on Hold on
So now I stand here with an open heart Even though it may be torn apart
My friends ask why I'd go through this again I say, I'm breathing
Better than this I can't expect Better than this it might not get
If your life has taken your innocence It doesn't get better than this

Drag Me Down

Will you drag me down, kicking and screaming all the way
I find that I need direction occassionally
I’ve been lost I’ve been stranded I’ve been left behind
I need a little push someone heavy handed to get me realigned
Will you tell me once more how you’ll save the day
before it fades away
Will you drown me out I if I talk too seriously
Camouflage all my awful short comings
I get been loud way too candid when I speak my mind
I need a little push someone heavy handed help me to be kind
Stop me, I can’t stop myself
Help me turn into someone else
Save me from all the things I know too well
Save me from myself
It’s a crying shame
How I live from day to day
But I can’t seem to face the future any other way
I’ve been crossed, reprimanded until I felt confined
I need a little push someone heavy handed to help me through sometimes

Sit At My Table
I'm a big fan of pie, but its hard to justify baking a pie for just the two of us – c'mon over.

Two victims of circumstance
And a refugee from a failed romance
Sit around my table and raise a glass
Just to help each other out
We find something to be thankful about
It helps make the evening pass
And if that’s all it takes to set things right
A home cooked meal and eachother’s company tonight
Then I will roast a turkey
And I will bake a pie
You can sit at my table any time you like
Well he last his father late last spring
Took of his affairs all the little things
Dealt with his sadness and his grief
But holidays bring up the past
Old memories are built to last
Our conversation brings relief
She thought she’d meet his folks this year
But he went home early and made it clear
This time they were really through
And I had plans to go somewhere
But the weatherman just didn’t care
Now I celebrate with you

Somewhere To Call Home

You need room to run I need space to grow
This life's not much but its all I know
My sense of obligation hangs around me like an anchor
So I'll stay and you go
Once around the block and you'll be back again
To the small circle of family and friends
Who will leave the light on and keep the fire warm
So you've got somewhere to call home
Your plans are set your life's pre-arranged
You say this place willl never change
In your rear view mirror with me waving in the background
Does it still look the same
Once around the town...
The more you see the less you know
Your small town roots are starting to show
There's a million lonely people out there trying to convince you they care
So who am I to say they don't
Once around the world...


California tumbles into the sea
I'm standing here wishing that the landslide had taken me
I'm ready I'm looking for a real sign, I'm waiting but how long how long
This wounded world keeps spinning on
Rolls me over and upside down
I should be thrown into oblivion
But gravity's got me down
Revolution, they're taking to the streets
I'm hoping to get swept up in the fool's rush of anarchy
I'm ready...
Hallelujia I'm down here on my knees
I'm praying that the spirit will embrace my uncertainties
I'm ready...

Washing Machine
So we got a new washing maching. A front loader – life changing.

I'm watching the clothes go round in the washing machine - fourth time this week
I hate the way it cycles and it screams but I'v got to come clean
I confess all to the trailer park priest but we cannot save me
I might be living with the traitors and the theives but this is not me
Fate makes all her decisions when we take our first breath – I did not inhale
All this searching for my true beginning has been a less than holy grail
I confess...
I called upon the powers of nature to set me free – big storm came through
Now the challenge of the new life I created is to forget all I new
I confess...

Yes, this is the same song that was on “Choose Red For The Sky”. It's a happy upbeat song but we found ourselves having to explain the happy part a lot. So this time, just to be clear, we wrote the happy in.

I'd like to live on level ground but its down down down from here
I'm driving in my two door green Ford shifting into lower gear
All I ever wanted was a place that I could call my home
All I ever talked about was never being all alone
But all you ever wanted was someone that you could say you owned
And all it ever brought me was down down down down down
I like to think I can beat the odds but I'm down down on my luck
I try to slip out gracefully but my dignity has gotten stuck
I'm running low on hopes and dreams but not down down down and out
I believe in second chances and there's one out there for me no doubt
All I ever wanted...

Time Runs Out

Find your own way 'till the time runs out In your mind time runs out
Writers write and painters paint Only martyrs die trying to become saints
I know time's running out But there's time enough for everything today
Open your mind 'till the time runs out In your eyes time runs out
All your thoughts begin with I Drop your guards and let them lie
I know time's running out...
Open your eyes Count on your friends 'till the time runs out In your hands time runs out
Count on some one else's arms To lift you up and lay you down
I know time's running out...