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Friction Farm spends a lot of time traveling. For Aidan and Christine that means a lot of reading. They decided to turn it into a project, discussing the book, seeing where the story would take them, and writing a song. It was fun & frustrating, invigorating & exhausting, but always interesting.
They were inspired by true tales The Voyage of the Beagle and fictional works The Cellist of Sarajevo, a gift from a friend Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and a recommendation from a stranger The Glass Castle. Occasionally real life filtered in and begged us to re-read books Reading Lolita in Tehran and a Walk in the Woods.

About the program
Friction Farm will perform songs and describe how each book inspired a song. The songs are, for the most part, not about the books. The books provided a catalyst for creative thought sometimes a very direct path to a song and sometimes a very circuitous route connecting stories, real-life events, and imagination. Program can be amplified or completely acoustic. Typically about an hour, the program can be modified in length from 45-90 minutes and can include audience discussion if desired. We will try to work within any library budget and we travel with a small sound system.

About Friction Farm
Aidan Quinn – guitar and vocals
Christine Stay – vocals, bass, and harmonica

Kerrville New Folk Finalists
Falcon Ridge Emerging Artists
South Florida Folk Festival Songwriting Competition Winner
Susquehanna Music and Arts Festival Songwriter Competition Finalists
Southeast Regional Folk Alliance official showcase artists

"Duo Friction Farm has everything a library could want--harmony, charm, energy, sheer talent, outstanding songwriting, and even a CD that focuses on the influence books have had on their lives. Called "I Read Your Book," the CD explores different aspects of literature that they've read, either individually or together, and how those books translate into the minds of these talented songwriters. If books are important to you, their songs will be as well." - Wanda Fischer, author and host of "The Hudson River Sampler" on WAMC, Albany

“intricate harmonies which are reminiscent of 1960s classics with a modern twist” - The Sun Journal New Bern NC

“They were utterly charming, but also extremely professional. Their well-written songs cover a wide gamut and their delivery is spot on. They should be much better known”. - Rich Warren, Host WFMT's Folk Stage and Midnight Special

“Aidan and Christine command any stage they’re on. Their appreciable force is gently delivered with keen lyrics and beautiful melodies, with a hint of humor to mitigate the seriousness of some of their material.” - David Engels, Emerald Concerts

“Friction Farm’s live performance is full of funny and poignant stories, spontaneous diversions, audience participation, good music, and lots of fun.” - Pine Island Eagle FL