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January Newsletter

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Happy New Year. Seven days in and its seems like a good one.
Let’s get the important stuff out of the way… the first pie of the year was an apple-cranberry-walnut tart.

Last month I carried on about the bliss of returning to New York for a few weeks. We lived there for nearly three years, met amazing folks, made good friends and felt like we were part of a great community. Going back made me realize that none of that goes away just because we moved. THANKS!

So this month we head to Florida. We lived there longer than anywhere else in our lives and still feel very tied to it. Can’t wait to see friends, visit favorite places, walk in the ocean. We’ll get to see our favorite camper John Rozett, hear how much Benny has learned on guitar, and wish our friend Mark Klein a happy birthday in person. Come out and see us – have a new CD since we were last in Florida.

About that CD… we have never really been happy with any of our previous recordings. But we actually like this one! We want to thank all the DJs who have supported us and especially Wanda Fischer from Albany for giving us a nice quote and John Platt in NYC, Lilli Kuzma in Illinois, Gaye and Randall Auxier in Ohio, Ken Connors in Jacksonville, Craig Huegel in Sarasota, Diane Crowe in Massachusetts, and Harlon Joye in Atlanta who played the heck out of the CD.

Center Stage (seriously, not stage left this time!)
Also last month, I said we’d solve all of the problems of the world this month. Its sounds a little ridiculous, even for me. But I’ve really been thinking about this. I keep hearing folks lament about the state of our environment, economy, healthcare, education. I hear people saying they don’t have confidence in the ability of government to fix things. But I remain positive, rose colored glasses firmly in place.
Who better than us to enact change. Really. I think about the individuals on this list, about nine hundred of you last time I looked, and I see a group of intelligent, educated, well-spoken, dynamic, engaged , energetic people. So really, who better than us. If we make small changes, lead by example, and communicate, we can create a sea of change.
Here’s the deal. Each week I am going to post small changes that we can make to improve our community. I invite you to share ideas on this blog as well. Individually our actions are small, but as a group we have a lot of sway. We may not fix the world, but we will improve our community. Are you in? My first post will be on Wednesday. But you don’t have to wait for me.

Have a great weekend. Hope we see you out on the road.
Christine (and Aidan)