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The New Adventures of B&F Part 3 (the final installment)

Monday, December 5th, 2011

I will finally move on to other subjects after this post.
But first… tour food. I have always cooked on the road. Even when we toured in a car and stayed in hotel rooms I carried groceries, a little cooler, and an electric pan. I was the queen of one pan, twenty minute meals. I considered printing a small cookbook of these meals. We now have a tiny traveling kitchen, but I haven’t quite broken out of my old habits. Fortunately, we traveled through NYC. Its become a tradition to spend my birthday eating my way through the city. I visit a couple of favorites and old neighborhood haunts. This trip we hite Hudson Bagel, John’s Pizza, Crumb’s, and August. I had planned to have dinner at Mary’s Fish Camp but she was closed. August was a nice second choice. I know these places are not on everyone’s must visit list, but what does everyone know. I have heard conversation and read stories waxing enthusiastically about Magnolia Bakery on Bleeker, which is around the corner from my old apartment on Christopher Street. Magnolia is no Crumbs. I can make a cupcake as good as Magnolia. Crumbs is king. And everyone has their own favortie pizza place in New York. But if their favorite is not John’s they are just wrong.
Not all good food is in New York. My niece Melissa is enrolled in culinary school. She is specializing in pastry. She is awesome. One semester and she is making her own puff pastry dough… palmiers and tarte tatin to die for.

Cracker Barrel
What? All this talk about amazing food and I mention Cracker Barrel. Yup. I found out from my fellow RVers (doesn’t that have a nice ring to it!) that the very nice folks at Cracker Barrel allow campers to park overnight in their parking lot. How cool. So we tried it. Pulled up in Harisonburg Virginia and went inside to inquire. We were welcomed by happy friendly folks who said “sure you can park here over night”. We ended up doing this a few times. I am not a big breakfast eater, but figured the least we could do in return was get some coffee in the morning. Once in while, they just give you free coffee. Very cool.

The final travel day was a great ending to a great trip. We had heard about another front yard art enthusiast. Directions to these places are always sketchy and we usually end up driving around a while and then asking directions. But it is extremely important to ask at the right place, and I know it when I see it. When you have a lot of spare time, ask me to tell you about getting directions to Shangrila North Carolina. In Saltville it is Duke’s Drive Inn. Directions went something like this; you go back through our little town, then turn right on the new road, you drive just so far and there’s an old railroad bridge off to the left, drive under that, it’s somewhere down there. Well, she was exactly right. I cannot explain how we knew which was the new road (it didn’t look any different) or how we knew how far “so far” was. But we knew. And we were richly rewarded. A person of obviously interesting character has created a small village alongside a small railroad track, complete with railcars, from mostly found objects. There are, I presume, sensors and triggers to make things such as helicopter blades spin and whirl as we pass by. There is a dog to greet us and tour with us. No other folks around.

So that’s it folks, the first travel adventures with the new crew. Next up, holiday shopping (while saving the world)