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The story of a traveling potato.

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

I try to have a theme to these rambling writings. Gathering my thoughts, I wondered how I might tie together adventures in Cape Town and a game reserve in South Africa with a music and vacation trip to Georgia. Surprisingly the thing that unifies these experiences is the fact that I am lazy and unproductive.

City of Contrasts
We have had an exciting couple of months. You know we went to South Africa and I promised some pictures and stories. Cape Town is beautiful and rugged, developed and wild, breathtaking and heartbreaking. We hit a lot of the tourist list things… saw penguins on the beach, cape of good hope, table mountain, botanical gardens, national gallery, Robben Island, and a game reserve. We also did a few things off the tourist map; went to some of the townships, the District Six museum, played a gig. I thought I knew a bit about the history of South Africa, but visiting these sights made me feel incredible naïve and uniformed. Like the other contrasts that make up Cape Town, the evil genius of the architects of apartheid and the prevailing strength of the people of South Africa make the place amazing. If you want to know more just ask me, I would love to share a couple of stories.

The conditions in some of the townships were shocking to my western eyes; millions of people, families, in tin shacks without plumbing in communities with epidemic aids and tuberculosis rates. But the people were extremely friendly and open willing to share their experience. There are grass roots community programs that are significantly affecting the spread of aids. Folks are committed to education and overflowing with creativity. So many people with next to nothing were so willing to share with people who actually have nothing. I used to think I was community oriented, active and involved. I am a potato.

Wild Things
We went to the Aquila Game Reserve. An aquila is an endangered black eagle. We saw two. It was pretty luxurious place to stay. We took two jeep rides out into the reserve lands and saw a ton of animals – spring boks, james boks, eland, zebra, elephants, rhinos, hippos, ostriches, lions. We were charged by a water buffalo, they pack a punch. We saw a couple of lions having scuffle – loud and rough. We saw a couple of different lions mating – neither loud nor rough, and surprisingly fast. We saw a rhino peeing – a lot. There are also some animals in pens. It was odd and sad to see this after seeing their cousins out in the open. These leopards and lions had been rescued from farmlands and other spaces where they would be killed. We also saw baboons… not at the game reserve, just out on the highway.

Tamer Things
Back on familiar turf we played a wonderful show for and got to meet their tireless volunteers and hear about the good work that they are doing. We used to live in north Georgia, so we really appreciate their dedication to keeping the area beautiful and wild. I have never actually helped with any of the physical work… as you already know, I am a potato. There will be another event with them in the summer that will give you the chance to roll up your sleeves and pitch in plus enjoy some music. I got a big surprise when my cousin Tony and his wife Maureen showed up. They live several hours away but just happened to be in the area! Aidan’s sister Siobhan was also in town so it was a bit of a family affair. We would have asked Siobhan to sing, although I know it would make my voice seem tiny and insignificant, but she had a bit of a sore throat.
The next day Aidan and Siobhan went scuba diving with the whale sharks at the Georgia Aquarium. There were manta rays, saw fish and black tipped sharks in the tank as well. I took pictures. (because I am a potato).
I spent the following day with Siobhan at the Carter Center in Atlanta. Neither of us had ever been there Jimmy Carter’s story is both interesting and inspiring. I never knew he gave up a coveted naval career working with nuclear submarines to return to Plains GA because he felt he could do more good for people. I didn’t know he got into politics only because he felt the local election process was corrupt. I didn’t know half of the work he’d done around the world since leaving the white house, such a rich life, with so much contribution to the world. It made me feel like such a…. well, you know.