The New Adventures of Beethoven and Farnsworth

A tale of friction farm, foam, food, and friends.

Yes, I said I’d write this a week ago. You know I can’t be trusted.

For fans of “On The Road With Ned and Pinky”, fear not. Trusty Ned (our Subaru Outback) and emotional Pinky (Ned’s friend the pig shaped finger-puppet) are fine and healthy. But for longer trips we felt we needed something a little bigger, a little homier.
Beethoven is our new (well new to us anyway) Chevrolet/Roadtrek camper-van. Yup, camper-van Beethoven. Go ahead, collectively groan now and get it over with. Because Beethoven is a bigger vehicle, he needs a bigger side-kick. Enter Farnsworth the bull.

Our first trip was to New York in November. Who’s great idea was that? We were awfully lucky with the weather. Heading north through Virginia there were
still some autumn colors. I started a song as I crossed the James River. It seemed like a good one, but it remains unfinished. As I said earlier, I can’t be trusted. Some traveling troubadours make efficient use of their travel. They map out a nice direct route from point A to point B. I seek out roadside or front lawn oddity and adventure. That may be half the reason we tour. Don’t tell Aidan.

As we crested a hill on Route 11 near Natural Bridge in northern Virginia, Aidan and I gasped as the same moment. (It’s okay, we’re married now). Emerging ahead of us on a hillside was Foam Henge! It is exactly what you think it is. Stone Henge recreated in foam. Big. Painted. With signs and stuff. It is free, without much fanfare, just a dream realized by a man named Mark Cline in a few weeks’ time. Worth seeing. Seriously.

But on the way there we had an odd experience. We pulled off the road into the small parking lot of a small building to have a snack. The house next door was covered with buzzards (or maybe vultures?). At least two dozen big, creepy, birds sitting on the roof line. I am pretty sure there must have been a dead
body in there. Right? Aidan insists they might just be the local birds, or migratory. Whatever. He refused to knock on the door.

An Environmental Side Note

The big van gets ridiculously bad gas mileage. It was hard for us to justify this. However, we never need to stop at a hotel. So the big pile of cleaning chemicals they would use cleaning a room after we stay there for just one night has been saved. We find that we are more conservative with resources like water and gas
(for heat and hot water) when we are in the van. Hopefully this evens out. Aidan would like you to know that properly inflating our tires improved our gas mileage nearly 2 miles per gallon.

The adventure continues in Part 2…

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