February Newsletter

Hey folks,

Its February 23… almost ran out of time to do the February Newsletter but I am determined not to miss a month.  But it will be brief.


was amazing and wonderful.  Thanks to everyone who hosted us and everyone who came out to shows.  Big welcome to all the folks new to this mailing list.  We had such a great time we plan on spending another week or two next year.  In fact we came home and started to work on a new CD so we can have something new for you next year!


in Florida.  This Saturday, Feb 26 at the Prairie Creek Lodge in Gainesville. Show starts at 7:30 and benefits the Alachua Conservation Trust.  Spread the word if you have friends in the area. If you are in Gainesville please consider coming out to the show, and maybe joining us for an easy hike on Sunday morning. www.frictionfarm.com/shows


starts April 1 in Virigina.  We’ll head to Maryland, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.  The shows are all on weekends and we’d like to fill in some mid-week dates.  Any ideas? Here’s an offer to anyone in NJ, PA or nearby who might be willing to host a mid-week house concert.  I’ll cook. Invite over half a dozen friends who might like our music.  Charge a reasonable cover charge for dinner and a show.  I’ll shop and cook dinner (we’ll give you some choies ahead of time, nothing fancy, nothing that will make a mess in your kitchen).  We’ll play a set of music.  It will be an early night.  Email me if youmight be interested and we’ll see if we can make it happen.


is my blog day.  If you haven’t seen it yet please visit the website and click on farmer’s almanac.  If you are a slightly left leaning/environmental activist/optimist you might enjoy it.Thanks for listening,

Christine (and Aidan although he is not home right now)

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