Anatomy of a tour – the honeymoon phase

Anatomy of a tour- the honeymoon days

We are a bit over a week on the road. Still in love with it, still in wondrous awe. The van still feels cozy, not small and the roads still seem expansive not never ending. Aidan still seems witty and interesting.

It has been quite a wonderful week. First, an amazing group of people in Cincinnati embraced us in the fold of their community, welcomed us into their annual ritual. In Crown Point, our Indiana debut, we found geographic common ground with almost everyone in the room and left with a plate full of homemade cookies.

Outside of Chicago DJ Lilli Kuzma arranged a nice intimate live show before our on air performance. Such a smart woman, the show made us feel relaxed and warmed up when we stepped into the studio. We saw people we had met on our last trip to Chicago and new folks. But after the show we got a surprising amount of feedback from folks that had listened. Some commented on songs, some on my ability to work cow poop into a short conversation, and some bought CDs online. It is amazing how radio really connects with people. DJs, real music loving people who care about their show and their audience, provide such a huge service to traveling artists.

South to Springfield we were surprised to meet up with a friend we hadn’t seen in a few years. It’s funny to call Tom a friend. We have met a couple of times at a music conference. But we are friends, we have people and experiences in common, an easiness around each other and a genuine interest in what is happening in the other person’s life. It’s a strange phenomenon among folk singers and traveling troubadours. Or maybe not, maybe it’s true in your circles too. I hope so. Either way it is very special. Tom invite us to a picking circle. We swapped songs with a lovely group of people. I felt as home there as I do in our local song circles.

The next day at our actual show a couple we just met offered up their guest room. Strangers, only not strangers. They are music fans, supporters of the arts and really kind folks.

We have been at this for a while. It shouldn’t still be a surprise to find this kindness and sense of real community with new people in new towns. But it is. Always a bit of a surprise, a wonderful, humbling, amazing thing to feel like we belong out here.

I should mention that we got the bonus of seeing my niece Emma, her husband and son. Nothing is quite like a family visit. But you all are starting to feel a lot like family.image

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