Pictures from the secret life of a folk singer

As promised (although late) here are some photos from our days off on the road:

IMG_4766IMG_4798 a visit to Goddard Space Flight Center

including bunny suit for clean room

a trip to the Harley Davidson factory



shoehouseyardartpa Farnsworth at the shoe house

Farnsworth enjoying crazy yard art in Pennsylvania



waterfallteepee  Crossing a small waterfall during a hike (omitted photo of foot followed by photo of sky)

Farnsworth at the Teepee Gift shop between Cooperstown and Albany (cow is a camera hog)




gravestwogirlsnc  We like graveyards.IMG_4818

Two young girls drown together and are buried together.

You don’t see that very often



So that is a slice of our down time. We like to get off the beaten track and look around. We like it so much that we wrote a song about it and someday we might tell you about getting off the beaten track while traveling overseas.

Some times we are rock starsisis

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