Post storm musings

How did this happen? It’s November!
I know, I do this all the time, but seriously I have no idea how time gets away from me. A day or two passes, then it’s a week and then… So happy Columbus day, and Halloween and good riddance to Sandy. Hope you all are okay after the storm and that damage to your homes and communities are minor.
Our show in Brooklyn this Saturday was cancelled. We are sad to miss the chance to play with the amazing Suzie Vinnick. You would love her. Have a listen online if you are not familiar with her yet. That is the extent of Sandy’s impact on us. Wow, are we lucky! I recall the days of coming home to a tree on our roof and no power or water. At least it wasn’t cold. But I also remember sharing pulled together meals with neighbors and taking our guitars to the street to entertain folks and give them a reason to gather with each other. Those were really great days, so I encourage you to try and find the good in the hardship, embrace the folks around you, build community.
So this is what’s been going on with us; we did a northeast tour in September, met really wonderful people, ate a giant birthday macaroon made by my niece for my sister, saw a 1500 pound pumpkin, missed the pumpkin boat races, wrote a song at 1:00 am in an empty parking lot, went to Texas for a music conference and reconnected with “the elevens”, played our first show in our town, played a benefit and helped make some dough for a great non-profit called Dog Repair, met up with friends from Tokyo and Athens who were visiting the US, re-learned the art of bread baking.
Oh, and we started recording a new CD. It will be out in April.
Next week we head to upstate New York to a music conference. It is a good place to network, learn more about our business and our craft, be heard by folk enthusiasts, and hear great music. But it is also a great place to meet old friend, make new ones, and really bond with this community of vagabond players and amazing supporters. We are hosting a couple of music showcases on featuring all duos and one featuring other folks from the south. It’s nice to be able to introduce people we love to others and return the favor that so many people gave to us.
For the first time in many years I will not celebrate my birthday by eating my way through NYC. I will be home and I am not sure I am happy about that, but at least my clothes will still fit. We plan on hanging around Greenville through the end of the year.
In February we are going to Florida. I still need to fill in a lot of dates for this tour. You’d think that it would be easy since we used to live there. Nope. If you have any ideas or if you are interested in hosting a house concert ideas please let me know.
After the new CD is out, we will be touring like…. hmmm, I don’t have a metaphor or simile for that. We will be touring a lot; East Coast and Texas. Again, if you have ideas and suggestions (or the aforementioned metaphors and similes) I would be grateful.
I will be back in touch soon (well, I have good intentions) and will let you know about the progress of the new recording and fill you in more about those “elevens” that I mentioned.
I miss you guys!

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