World Changing Wednesdays

It snowed here on Monday and it is beautiful.  Today the sun sparkled of the front yard where the snow is still pristine.  Cold nights have created a little ice on the tree branches and they looked silver this afternoon.

So I thought water would be a good place to start.  We need clean water, we use a lot, and its getting harder to find.  We build dams, create reservoirs and use tons of energy purifying the stuff.  So water becomes one of the areas we address on Wednesdays.

Do you leave the water running when you brush your teeth?  If you do, that’s about 1460 gallons per year running down your drain if you brush your teeth twice a day. That’s a really easy habit to change and a great way to start the day thinking about using less, contributing more, and being conscious of  your activity.

Aidan did an informal survey a while ago.  He asked folks in a meeting if they ran the water while brushing their teeth.  40% did.  He told them the amount of water that wastes and asked them to try and change that behavior, if not for the good of the planet, then simply as a favor to him.  A year later about half of those that ran the water while brushing said they had stopped.

So instead of just doing, we can encourage other folks to do the same.  Aidan is a much nicer person than I am, so people will do favors for him, maybe not for me.  So my results may vary.  But I am asking, if you run the water while you brush, consider changing that routine, as a favor to me.  And I am asking you to share the information and ask others to change as well.

How much water can we save this year?

Thanks for tuning in.  Next week I’ll figure out how to incorporate music into this.

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