friction farm

Aidan Quinn and Christine Stay

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Modern-folk duo Friction Farm is a husband and wife team of traveling troubadours. Aidan Quinn and Christine Stay combine storytelling, social commentary and humor to create songs of everyday life, local heroes, and quirky observations. From ballads to anthems each song is filled with harmony and hope.

Friction Farm's lyrically rich, harmony-driven songs have earned them spots as Kerrville New Folk Finalists and Falcon Ridge Emerging Artists. They are winners of the South Florida Folk Festival songwriter competition and have performed as official showcase artists at the Southeast, Southwest, and Northeast Regional Folk Alliance Conferences.

Performing internationally and throughout the US, Friction Farm feels at home on the road and on stage. Audiences lean into their stories, laugh at their humor, are inspired to do a little good in the world, and sing along once in a while.


intricate harmonies which are reminiscent of 1960s classics with a modern twist” - The Sun Journal New Bern NC

They were utterly charming, but also extremely professional. Their well-written songs cover a wide gamut and their delivery is spot on. They should be much better known.” - Rich Warren, Host WFMT's Folk Stage and Midnight Special

... a refreshing collection of songs that look at life by soaking in every detail and putting the sentiments to music. Christine and Aidan show a comfort and chemistry in working together that shines through in their performances. My one complaint? There aren't enough songs on this CD. It makes me want more.” - Wanda Fischer, WAMC

Friction Farm ended too soon. Did you hear the collective audience oooh? So thought provoking. ” - TedX Greenville

Aidan and Christine command any stage they’re on. Their appreciable force is gently delivered with keen lyrics and beautiful melodies, with a hint of humor to mitigate the seriousness of some of their material.” David Engels, Emerald Concerts

blending of soulful acoustic guitar playing with the sharp and witty storytelling of Friction Farm's lyrics. An engaging performance!” Mary H. Stein East Baton Rouge Parish Library

infectiously hummable tunes” New Times Magazine

Whether singing at a near whisper or belting for the rafters, her vocal confidence and melodic tone
never waiver.” Sheldon Robertson, City Link Magazine

Friction Farm’s strong point is gorgeous harmonies, that thread nearly every song” Xtreme Folk Society, Philadelphia


Current CD : “So Many Stars” (2017)

Previous Releases:“ I Read Your Book” (2013)“Every Mile Is A Memory”, “34 Degrees, 32 Minutes”, “Believe”

Aidan Quinn - guitar, vocal;
Christine Stay - bass, vocal, harmonica

Hometown: Greenville SC

A Bit of Odd Stuff:

Aidan grew up in Berkeley CA

He has a degree in geology and is really into rocks

He builds furniture for fun

Christine is from Woodstock NY

She was a materials engineer

She loves to cook, even on the road

They both love roadside attractions and oddities

They are pretty sure you have a really great story they want to hear and write about.