with a Friction Farm CD called "Tell Me A Story"

  • WORD $10 - Life is tough, but I am still pitching in. We will send you a download

  • SENTENCE $25 - Life is good I can give a little. We'll send a download and CD

  • PARAGRAPH $50 - Life's great, I can give more. We'll send a download, CD, plus another CD to give away, or a t-shirt, or a FrictionFarm blank book (only 2), or a cutting board made by AQ (just 3)

  • CHAPTER $100- Life is amazing, I can give a lot. We'll send a download & CD, and cook you and a guest a good homemade meal at your place or ours.

  • BOOK $500- If phone booths still existed I'd be in a cape. We will send downloads, CDs, and arrange a concert for kids/adults/family at a place of your choice vaguely convenient to our tour schedule.
    (get together with friends or your church or community and do this one!)

YES I'll Help
For Paragraph Level Choose