friction farm

Aidan Quinn and Christine Stay

“blending country, folk, and pop into a seamless package is not easy but Friction Farm has it down”
New Times Magazine





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What's New

Music is being recorded in our studio. Songs are being written in our living room. It is spring and things are sprouting and blooming inside and out. We will be staying home for most of the spring, with the exception of Music Week in Highlands NC April 21-26. (there are a few spots left if you want in on that!). The hope is to renew our creative process, get tons of writing done. Perhaps we will even get a few things done on the house. We are considering an online show or house tour or something to keep in touch. Stay tuned.

Upcoming Shows and Events

none until April !
For more shows and more info visit our shows page

Booking a few final shows for 2019 right now - we want to play where you are!