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Aidan Quinn and Christine Stay

“blending country, folk, and pop into a seamless package is not easy but Friction Farm has it down”
New Times Magazine





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What's New

The last time I updated this paragraph I was thanking you for your concerns about Hurricane Florence. Now its hurricane Michael. We are fine. Tons of rain...3.5 inches in 24 hours followed by sunshine. There was a little wind, 20 mph gusts, that has shaken some of the dead branches down. That's a good thing before winter. Between shows we (that means Aidan) planted a few apple trees which have enjoyed this rain. We head out again soon and hope to see bursts of fall colors as we travel.

Upcoming Shows and Events

Oct 15 - Highlands NC
Oct 17 - Blacksburg SC
Oct 18 - Akron NY
Oct 19 - Bloomsberg PA
Oct 20 - Lemont PA
Oct 21 - Pittsburgh PA
Oct 27 - Atlanta GA

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